What the heck is a "House Concert"?

It's a natural solution for music lovers of our generation...  "Baby Boomers"!

Folks our age don't frequent live music venues like we used to.  Why should we?  We haven't stopped loving good music, but they've stopped playing it!


Even on those rare occasions when we venture out and find live music we know and love, we usually end up "sharing" the experience with youngsters who came there to eat and talk.  Those "old songs" hold no meaning for them, other then the need to talk louder to have a good conversation!


Compare that experience to a fun and relaxing evening in your own home, the company of your best friends, and live music where every song recalls a memory.


A house concert is just a party, featuring live music that's being kept alive by the folks who love it.  It's centered around you, the host.  Your comfortable space, your friends and favorite people, your favorite food and drinks, and your favorite music to complete the chemistry.

Is it affordable?  A recent House Concert Host summed it up this way... "the music cost way less than catering from the local restaurant, and it was infinitely more fun!"

Alternatively, many hosts ask their guests to bring a small contribution to spread costs around evenly.  The host provides the space and planning, everyone has a great time, and nobody has a bill to pay!

If you've got an indoor space that can hold 15 or more people, contact me by email and let's plan your House Concert Party today!