Songs reflect life... 

and life is multi-genre.

In the lyrics of his song "Loving Her Was Easier", Kris Kristofferson reminisces about "the people and the places that I've been".  When I do the same, I realize that my song collection reflects my own life... it ended up being a big tasty slice of Americana.

Over the years I've been a kid in Pittsburgh, a US Marine at Parris Island, an underground coal miner in West Virginia, an oil rig worker in West Texas, a shopkeeper in South Carolina, a computer programmer in Houston, and an IT entrepreneur.

All the while, I was also an aspiring musician... trying to emulate my latest "favorite tune" with an acoustic guitar.

I grew up in the 1960's, during the golden days of classic rock, and later the "folk-rock era".  So the Beatles, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Jim Croce, and Harry Chapin were my earliest music idols.

As life brought new friends and places, I discovered classic Country, with its simple and often poetic lyrics about real life.  Old-school R&B and the Motown Sound with those great vocal harmonies.  Later, I found classic Swing Jazz with its catchy and timeless melodies.

There's no telling what life brings next, but my plan for the coming years is simple.  I'll be singing and playing some of the best songs ever written, to whoever cares to listen.